Carpet Freshener - Refill

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This refill will come in a 300 gram pouch, perfect to fill up your shaker.

Available in lots of fragrances!

Suitable for use on carpets, fabric sofas, rugs, mattresses and in your car.

Used to eliminate trapped odours from pets, cooking, smoke etc to freshen up your carpets and leave your home smelling divine!

Directions to use - Always test a patch before use. Sprinkle a generous amount of powder onto the area you wish to deodorise and leave for around 30 minutes and then hoover thoroughly. This can be left overnight before hoovering for a fresher smell. Please use with care - do not use with children and pets in the room, and always wash hands after handling. Clean your hoover regularly according to your manufacturer instructions to avoid blockages and damage. Store your powder in a cool and dry area, and give a good shake in the bag between uses to avoid clumping.

Contains: Bicarbonate & Fragrance Oil. All products are CLP compliant. Disclaimer: Luxe Aroma are not liable for any damages or issues that may arise as a result of failure to follow instructions or misuse.